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Revision to Kossel Pro 3D Printer

Terence Tam

[title|Kossel Pro 3D Printer]
[summary]Assembly instructions and tuning tips for the ZT Automations OpenBeam Kossel Pro 3D Printer.[/summary]
# For Kossel Pro kits with kit # ZT-KIT-00255, the ball joints are already pre-glued on a machined fixture for you. These ball joints are in a box labelled Kossel Common Core Component Kit. Earlier kits can follow the instructions for gluing the ball joints.
-# [guide|15|Linear Drive Towers] requires borrowing the upper machined vertex from the Upper Triangle sub assembly for spacing the end stop holders.
-# Next build the following sub assemblies; these sub assemblies require gluing. It is a good idea to get through the gluing process started, then work on another sub assembly until all the glue has cured. For best results, allow 24 hours for the Loctite 410 adhesive included in the kit to dry / de-gas, before proceeding.
-** [guide|2|Auto Levelling Probe]
-** [guide|3|End Effector]
-** [guide|16|Upper Triangle]
-** Prepare Ball Rail Carriage for Swing Arm Mount
+# Loctite 410 requires 24 hours to achieve full strength. (It also stains everything it touches black, so builders are advised to cover up their build surfaces with newspaper / parchment paper and wear gloves when handling Loctite 410). We have broken out the parts that require gluing in this guide [guide|18|here], and it is recommended that you glue these parts first and then set them aside.
+# [guide|15|Linear Drive Tower subassembly] requires borrowing the upper machined vertex from the Upper Triangle sub assembly for spacing the end stop holders. You should do this next.
+# ** Prepare Ball Rail Carriage for Swing Arm Mount
# Build the rest of these subassemblies. These go pretty fast; they shouldn't take longer than an hour each.
-** [guide|10|SeeMeCNC EZStruder]
+** [guide|10|SeeMeCNC EzStruder]
** [guide|12|Bed Clamps]
-# [guide|9|Lower Triangle]
-# Mechanical Systems Integration and Wiring
-# [guide|5|Initial Power Up and Shakedown Test]
-# [guide|6|Calibrate and configure]
-# Print! :-)
+** [guide|2|Auto Leveling Probe]
+** [guide|3|End Effector], [guide|1|K Head Installation] and [guide|7|Bowden Tube Installation].
+** [guide|11|Upper Triangle]
+** [guide|9|Lower Triangle]
+# Next up is mechanical systems integration, wiring up the printer.
+** Mechanical Systems Integration
+** Wiring
+# Finally, we are ready to power up our creation, perform a subsystem by subsystem check, and go through calibration procedures.
+** [guide|5|Initial Power Up and Shakedown Test]
+** [guide|6|Calibrate Auto Probe Offset Constant]
+# Accuracy Tuning and modifications - While the Kossel Pro is a fairly capable printer out of the box, we've found that the following modifications and improvements greatly improves the machine.
+** Shimming
+** Badge Lanyard Mod
+** Firmware Tuning - PID Tuning
+** Firmware Tuning - Z-Probe Offset Tuning
+** Firmware Tuning - Extruder Steps Per mm
+** Strain Relief for USB Connection
+** MicroSD Card Reader Extension
+** OctoPrint Installation
+# Slicer Profiles and first print
+** First Print
+** KissSlicer
+** Slic3r
+** MatterControl
[[Firmware|Software/Firmware Installation and Upgrading]]

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